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About Us

Our publications and activities pivot around the objectives of providing Businesses the insights and connectivity they need to take the next quantum leap

Sm@rt SMB is a brand that seeks to enhance the knowledge quotient of the diverse SMB ecosystem via Media and events. Our focus is on the diverse and dynamic SMB segment in the MEA region that is responsible for employing the largest workforce in each of the local economies of the region. By empowering this segment through our services, we aspire to help them stay ahead

The brand caters to readers from the SMB segment in terms of meeting their information needs, with a significant emphasis on furthering their understanding of new technologies /solutions that when deployed will empower their businesses better. 

The brand transcends across print and online platforms as well as events/awards and social media in engaging SMB community in the UAE and key countries of GCC

Print publication:

The print publication focuses on content that offers relevant information and insights to enhance strategic and operational decision making of executives in Business and technical roles in SMB organizations of all sizes (small to mid and large SMB)

The pivotal role of Technology as a Business enabler is well established and there are always new technologies emerging that offer Businesses the necessary means to grab a lead over competition. We bring into focus the technologies that can help SMB organizations take the transformational leap. The publication will have a strong bias towards coverage of technologies that are helping transform businesses towards new efficient workflows and engagements with end customers, thereby raising their productivity and improving their flexibility and scalability radically.