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At Sentinel Labs, we have been closely tracking adversarial behavior as it pertains to COVID-19/Coronavirus.

By Tamer Oden, Regional Director at SentinelOne Middle East

Over the last few days, a slew of people have texted or called me for practical guidance on how to secure a global, work-from-home organization.

By Robert Huber, Chief Security Officer of Tenable

Sunil Paul, Co-founder of Finesse, the global provider of digital transformation solutions,  outlines a ‘Strategy for Business Continuity’ during pandemics & unprecedented threats

Microsoft Excel’s standard file encryption capabilities can be used to obfuscate and deliver malware.

By Matthew Gardiner, Director of Enterprise Security Campaigns at Mimecast

If you’re sitting at home right now, sheltering from the coronavirus pandemic – and there’s a good chance you are – then you are probably either thinking about a home delivery, or waiting for one.

Paul Ducklin,principal research scientist, Sophos

Big businesses grow and expand as the market environment changes, and do so even more rapidly now than ever with the accelerating tech growth of today.

Omer Saleem, Director and Deputy CEO of Proven

As governments and businesses are instructing citizens and employees to work from home, Claude Schuck, regional manager, Middle East at Veeam Software, the leader in Backup solutions

Claude Schuck, regional manager, Middle East at Veeam Software

It is a sad reality, but both hostile state actors and opportunistic cybercriminals are already leveraging COVID-19 themed campaigns to conduct phishing and deliver

Barry Hensley, Secureworks

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) still feels pretty new, yet in the years ahead, like electricity, it will become part of the fabric of everyday life.

Arafat Yousef, Managing Director – Middle East & Africa, Nexans Cabling Solutions

How can this new standard affect network architecture and how can FTTO help?

Arafat Yousef, Managing Director – Middle East & Africa, Nexans Cabling Solutions

Cybersecurity has traditionally been reactive and threat-centric. This approach worked when organizations were able to secure their critical data in data centers they owned and managed.

M. Samy, Vice President & Managing Director - EMEA Emerging Markets & Eastern Europe, Forcepoint

AI continues to be a hot topic within organizations, and while AI holds great potential for revolutionizing the role of the CFO, it doesn’t necessarily mean your organization’s

Jonathan Wood is General Manager, Middle East & Africa, Infor

From test results and lab equipment to monitoring equipment and patient records, the healthcare industry is increasingly reliant on digital solutions.

Tabrez Surve, Regional Director – Gulf, Levant & Turkey, F5 Networks

Many if not most organisations have already crossed the “working from home”, or at least the “working while on the road” bridge.

Paul Ducklin, principal research scientist, Sophos

The World Health Organisation and governments around the world are grappling with the Coronavirus (now named Covid-19) that has, as of end-February, infected

Brian Pinnock, Cybersecurity Specialist at Mimecast

The Middle East’s mobile workforce — those who travel to customers to provide on-site services and resolve problems — is growing both in numbers and stature.

Thierry Nicault, EVP for EBU - MEACE, Salesforce

Over the last decade, technologies like the cloud, mobile and wireless communications have transformed the role IT plays within a business.

Daniel Fried, General Manager and Senior Vice President, EMEA, Veeam

Gartner, Inc. has identified nine digital experience trends that organizations need to explore in 2020.

Morey Haber, CTO and CISO at BeyondTrust


Morten Illum, Vice President EMEA, HPE Aruba writes how the path to a digital workplace is a complex one

With the market awash with competition, Jake Callaway, Managing Director, MENA at 4C, highlights how the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can give SMEs the ability to set themselves apart from the competition by leveraging the