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As digital becomes intrinsic to an organization, position security and risk as a core business value

It is nearly the end of a working day but Kapil is busy in a meeting with his team. While he is busy reviewing the day’s tasks with his team and delegating the ones due the next day, his sales head enters the meeting room.

UAE’s manufacturing industry doesn’t have a long history. Over three-four decades ago, there were hardly any manufacturers in the region.

At 6am daily I would hear a bang outside my house. It would be the newspaper. About a decade ago, the tradition was that every member in the household would read the newspaper to find out what’s new in the region.

Gartner recently predicted that by 2019 more than 50% of organizations will redirect their investments to customer experience innovations, highlighting the fact that automated customer service is currently on the rise.

As Laura enters her boarding gate, she looks around and sees a massive Emirates A380 aircraft with an Expo2020 branding.

A few decades ago, if anyone would talk about Dubai, they’d only think of three things: oil, tourism and gold. That’s how popular gold shopping was, and continues to be till date.

Sustainability, as a concept, is not new to the world.

It is quarter past seven and Sandhya is nearly tired of walking at the LED Lights and Solar show held in Seoul.

Wherever there is trade, there is a need for transport. Since long, the UAE has been recognized as a trading hub be it across land, sea or air.

After her doctor’s appointment, Raina walks into an Aster pharmacy which was located right next to the Aster clinic she visited. She hands over her doctor’s prescription to the pharmacist.

“I love food, I love exploring new food, tasting different kinds of dishes.

In a world where people spend a major portion of their earnings on dining, shopping and other leisure activities, an app like the Entertainer would have made it big.


The onset of the fourth Industrial Revolution has brought forward many concerns; the most
important of it being the possibility of traditional skills getting replaced by new skills. In such a


In a region where almost two-thirds of the population owns a car, nobody thought about car sharing
as an option until a few years ago. Smart SMB turns open the pages of the past with the Co-

Retail Feature

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, retail brands operating through a store are under a quest for survival.

Fetchr Case Study

From a small office with seven employees to expansions in six countries with over 5000 employees, the journey of Fetchr has not been less than a roller-coaster ride.


As the clock strikes 2 in the afternoon, Latha’s phone rings.

engagement feature

According to recent trends, employees are increasingly feeling insecure in their current jobs. On the other hand, employers are having a hard time retaining their cream employees.

With so many networking events and groups around, it is often quite difficult to understand which ones should you choose to grow your business.

entrepreneurial features

During the last decade, Sharjah has emerged as an entrepreneurial hub with various Government initiatives in place to attract investors and innovators to establish their companies in Sharjah.