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Enabling connected learning

D-Link’s deployment of unified wireless solutions with seamless roaming at Al Rashid Al Saleh School, enabled it to adopt e-learning infrastructure

The UAE boasts of some outstanding infrastructure in the education segment and most educational institutions are investing in new e-learning tools to give students access to leading edge learning resources.

It is with a similar intent that Al Rashid Al Saleh School, one of the oldest schools in Dubai, established in September 1971, also decided to upgrade their wireless connectivity and network in the campus.

The school that has a student strength of over 2700 students and has 138 teachers, had a simple wireless network earlier but its limitations in terms of signal strength and reliability meant that it could not support the school’s ambitions to bring in e-learning infrastructure.

Against this backdrop, the school decided to look for an unified wireless solutions with seamless roaming via which an E-learning platform was to be enabled in the school. Each of the classrooms with typically 30 students were to be enabled with video streaming capabilities of e learning applications, that could be made possible by optimum performance of the wireless network.

Sakkeer Hussain, Sales & Marketing Director at D-Link MEA says,”Providing a highly robust Wi-Fi network solution, where all 2,700 students are connected to the Internet anytime, anywhere throughout the campus, is quite a challenge. The school’s previous Wi-Fi network had not been performing well with lots of down-time since they failed to offer the right solution as required by the school, hence, we are very happy that all applications are now running much faster and smoother than before.”

The decision to look for a new solution and the decision making on D-Link solutions as the preferred choice was arrived in consultations between the vendor, the school principal, the educational advisor & the IT administration of the school.

Libinson Joseph, IT Administrator at Al Rashed Al Saleh School says, “We were using a wifi network before, but it was a small setup limited to specific zones.Before considering D-Link, we had tried out a solution from a different vendor but the results weren't satisfactory for adequate connectivity to cover needs of our 2700 plus students and 300 staff. Once we were made aware of D-Lin’s solutions and the support being offered, we were quite happy to associate with a trusted brand.”

The solution:
The solution itself had to achieve a few key objectives.The Video streaming had to cover a minimum of 30 users in each classroom whose devices would be connected to to a single Access Point (AP). The Bandwidth management per user and per AP had to be managed. The Management of the AP’s was centralized.

Sakeer says, “We deployed controller based wireless solution for the school. 105 AP’s were deployed each AP in a classroom scenario which helped students to stream wireless seamlessly. Data network was provided for the administration team.”

2700 plus students are connected on the e-Learning platform without any disconnections or streaming delays. The centralized management solution helps admin team to handle the network efficiently.

Hussain says, “With D-Link’s state-of-the-art controller-based solution, Al Rashed Al Saleh School is now also enjoying the benefits of a centralized network solution which can be managed easily by network administrators even remotely, facilitating the management and reducing thereby resources previously utilized for their network management. All 2,700 students of the school are now able to stream the contents from the Internet much easier and faster, as per the latest government initiatives of smart learning.”

D-Link provided a cost-effective switching and storage solution that met the company business needs and budget constraints. D-Link’s Professional Services team worked to execute and tune the network for optimal performance. D-Link switches met the high price-to-performance standards demanded by leading health care sectors.

Hussain adds,” We are extremely pleased about the outcome of this project, which is the result of major planning and coordination efforts between D-Link, Unitech and Al Rashed Al Saleh School. All involved parties have proven great management and organizational skills, turning the initial vision of the setup into reality. Our System Integration Partner Unitech did a wonderful job in assisting with the technical implementation.”

Libinson adds, “We have been quite satisfied with the solution offered by D-Link and the support. The deployment was for in excess of over 100 Access Points, 100 CCTV Cameras and 25 Management switches and I am happy to note that we haven't had any issues at all with connectivity and I believe their solutions are perfect for educational institutions like ours.”

All D-Link Business Solution products are covered by limited lifetime warranty of 5 years. D-Link provides extensive online portal for partner to access online tools, resources and content updates. Onsite technical support and premium advance hardware replacement options are also available.

Libinson says, “During our association, we never had faced any sort of problems as their services are good. Whenever we have any doubts or queries, they are always available 24 round the clock. Their services are really appreciated.”