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Retail Feature

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, retail brands operating through a store are under a quest for survival.

Fetchr Case Study

From a small office with seven employees to expansions in six countries with over 5000 employees, the journey of Fetchr has not been less than a roller-coaster ride.


As the clock strikes 2 in the afternoon, Latha’s phone rings.

engagement feature

According to recent trends, employees are increasingly feeling insecure in their current jobs. On the other hand, employers are having a hard time retaining their cream employees.

With so many networking events and groups around, it is often quite difficult to understand which ones should you choose to grow your business.

entrepreneurial features

During the last decade, Sharjah has emerged as an entrepreneurial hub with various Government initiatives in place to attract investors and innovators to establish their companies in Sharjah.

With the recent fall in property prices, we explore whether it is a good time to invest in Dubai.


When anyone thinks about ordering food or dining out, Zomato is probably the quickest name that comes to mind.

smart SMB

CEO Clubs Network has long been known for its excellent operations and networking group. Very few people, however, know about the man behind this venture who is the legend in himself.

"Unify, the Atos brand for communication and collaboration solutions is  spearheading communication engagement in the workplace."


AMSI is creating new benchmarks in introducing new technology solutions including Blockchain in schools it manages

With an increase in the number of small businesses and overhead costs of running a physical office, many entrepreneurs are taking up a ‘

With clear objectives to enhance its customer services and overall operations, SEWA has undertaken the digital transformation journey and is posting successful milestones

Ramkumar Balakrishnan, President at Redington Value

Redington Value's latest announcement of a new Data Science and Advanced Analytics practice is focused on enabling partners in addressing opportunities of Analytics deployments across verticals 

The Central Way

Microsoft’s Business Central is an all-in-one mid-market Business application software built to empower UAE’s fast-growing SME segment, by streamlining their financials through comprehensive business processes, which allow them to ultimate

Against the backdrop of sophisticated attacks, companies in the SMB segment are prioritizing network security investments


Wannago Cloud makes inroads into the region's mid-market by offering an extensive suite of affordable cloud solutions

D-Link continues to consolidate on successful partner strategies in making inroads into a diverse SMB segment

The pursuit to excel in delivering customer happiness in the hospitality segment has a direct correlation these days to the IT infrastructure that enables the hotel’s services and processes.

The changing face of traditional ICT towards newer technologies and consumption models is quite naturally bound to have a significant impact on SMB companies, and those who adopt digital transformation as a strategy will get ahead