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Bringing on the future

IC Digital is a UAE based solutions provider that aims to fuel a future where automation & digitization can help organizations enhance the work environment by optimizing workflows. Pranav Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, ICD Technologies LLC discusses some of the key focus areas for the company

Discuss the solutions and consulting focus of IC Digital and the vendors you would have partnered with?

The visionary leadership of Dubai and the UAE have realized the power of AI to bring a significant transformation to the country. IC Digital recognizes itself with the Smart Dubai initiative by the Dubai Government and envisions a future where technology will help build a more efficient workplace and happier societies.

At IC Digital, we are passionate about shaping the future of work, by bringing enhanced efficiency and greater security to our clients in the region. Ever-Increasing Cloud adoption is opening a new window of opportunity to benefit from emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics, etc. However, it is also true that new emerging technologies have also increased vulnerability to cyberthreats.

Our Company’s specialization lies in the field of AI-powered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Cybersecurity. We have partnered with the world’s top-class vendors in the respective area — Automation Anywhere for the RPA; Darktrace, Mimecast for Cybersecurity.

Our RPA Consulting team reviews our client’s business processes and determines the level of digitization, automation, and then creates a solution roadmap for the technology adoption as per client current state, challenges, and aspirations. Currently, our primary focus is on mid-market and enterprise customers in the Middle East region.

With Automation as one of the key focus areas for the company, discuss the outlook for RPA adoption. Tell us about the biggest adopters of RPA?

At its core, RPA is a software that assists knowledge workers in completing repetitive mundane tasks with high speed and accuracy, allowing people more time for higher-value tasks. Combine RPA with AI-based Cognitive and Analytical capabilities, and it creates a robust digital workforce.

The biggest adopters of RPA today include Banks, Insurance companies, Utilities, and Telecommunications companies. However, the opportunities exist across industries; for instance, we have a great interest from Hospitality for Reservations & Cancellations, Loyalty Management, Procure-to-Pay Processes. Healthcare is another excellent example where the focus is on improving health, lowering costs, and providing better access to care for patients. RPA helps provide evidence-based care, which is both efficient and accurate.

In Banking, most popular use cases are in the areas of Customer Service, Compliance, Loan and card processing, Accounts Payable, KYC Process, General Ledger, etc. Insurance popular use cases are in the areas of Underwriting, Claims processing, Policy cancellation, Regulatory Compliance, etc. In fact, I see automation possibilities across verticals and industries, when it comes to payroll processing, report aggregation, onboarding, order processing, customer complaint management, invoice processing, and many more.

Elaborate on the company's inhouse expertise for enabling and supporting RPA deployments.

IC Digital has a team of master certified RPA professionals; our in-house expert capabilities include Pre-sales, Delivery, and Support. Our Consultants diligently analyze business processes and provide ideas and roadmap for automation, along with a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator. We often advise our clients to start from “Low Complexity – High Value” automation opportunities, which not only allows for quick, measurable wins but also encourages the clients to take on complex projects with confidence. Our Implementation and support team ensures timely delivery and support. Besides all of that, we have also adopted healthy account management practice, with a strong focus on building a long-term partnership with our clients.

Tell us about IC Digital’s cybersecurity focus areas and how do you differentiate?

IC Digital’s consultative & assessment-based approach helps identify the cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the client’s environment, based on which we make our recommendations. Our cybersecurity portfolio includes AI-powered solutions, which are capable of neutralizing standard and new threats while maintaining normal operations. It can protect against threats to the cloud, email, IoT, and networks. We have seen that over 90% of the cyberattacks come via email; hence we also have a strong focus on email security & resilience solutions that help detect and block malicious spear-phishing email that includes both known and unknown threat or new malware, malicious URLs, and the attempts to impersonate senior staff members.