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Customer centricity on the transformation journey

Dell Technologies was an exhibitor at the recently concluded COMEX  where it showcased its technologies for enabling digital transformation. Charbel Zreiby, Senior Manager, Channel Specialty Sales, Dell Technologies, who was at the event speaks to Smart SMB about the company’s approaches to digital transformation, IoT and its commitment to the Oman market.

Please elaborate on the essential approach Dell Technologies takes to digital transformation for mid-size companies with solutions it has on offer?

Technology is transforming the way we live & work and creating what everyone is now calling the next industrial revolution which is predominantly driven by Data. As a result, and irrelevant of the size, companies are facing an imperative to transform or be at risk of becoming obsolete. At Dell Technologies, we help our customers in their journey through  a four-pronged transformation strategy which includes Application transformation, IT transformation, Workforce transformation and Security transformation.

As part of Application transformation, we help customers increase the speed of their innovation cycles with software development to deliver new digital products & experiences faster, more efficiently and while minimizing risk. This allows them to adopt new models of continuous improvement from idea-to-market to new idea and back, fueled by data, powered by software and focused on their customers

Organizations of every size have repositioned IT to become a primary driver of innovation and modernizing the infrastructure alone allows them to see and pursue new opportunities immediately. Under IT transformation, we empower our customers to seize those opportunities by providing the right solution through three pillars: modern infrastructure, modern & consistent operations & modern service delivery

When, where and how people do their jobs is undergoing the biggest change in history. In fact, every employee today wants technology that lets them work the way they want and enables them to collaborate with colleagues in a natural, seamless way.  Dell Technologies’ comprehensive portfolio of solutions, from devices to management tools and services, are designed to meet and adapt to today’s Workforce Transformation.

Traditionally, risk was always holding back companies and we must help them change their mindset. Today we believe in security at the speed of business and we help our customers in embracing new technologies with confidence. under our comprehensive Security Transformation approach, security is first built into the infrastructure, whether on the edge (clients & devices) or at the core (network, compute & storage). Second, we provide advanced security operations by helping customers build their own SOC or providing security operations as a service. 

Dell technologies now has an IoT suite of solutions. Please elaborate if there are any regional piloting of projects with the IoT suite included?

We’re really excited about IoT as it represents a massive opportunity in the market today and in order to gain the most value from the IoT, you have to do more than simply connect things. You have to be able to transform the data things generate into business value as data flows from the edge to the distributed core (which we define as on-prem data centers) and into the cloud. We enable you to do this by architecting for continuously better outcomes on your terms, today and tomorrow, while de-risking your digital journey.

Our IoT portfolio covers solutions at the edge (gateways, PCs, etc… all equipped with the required processing power), at the core (Compute, Network, Storage, HCI, etc..) and in the cloud (Virtustream, Boomi, Pivotal, etc…). This makes us uniquely positioned to help our customers & partners take advantage of the move to IoT with our broad portfolio, domain expertise, services as well as our award-winning partner program. This topic is getting a lot traction in the region and we’re already engaged with our customers in many IoT projects, not just pilots.

Please elaborate on the DIY converged infrastructure designs from Dell Technologies ? Is that being made available in the region as well?

We’ve announced the DellEMC Ready Stack almost one year back at Dell Technologies World 2018 which allows our partners to build & sell their own converged infrastructure solutions. A Certified Reference System is a pre-integrated, vendor-certified system containing server, storage, networking and management software. Dell EMC Ready Stack combines all these elements and more, and features validation by Dell EMC’s expert engineering team, the original pioneers and continuing leaders in converged infrastructure.

DellEMC Ready Stack enables the accelerated deployment of full-stack converged infrastructure solutions by connecting you with the best in terms of product, platform and portfolio combinations. The products are built with the best technology building blocks, all from Dell EMC (Servers, Network, Storage, Data Protection, etc..) The platform supports top virtualization and IaaS platforms, including VMware, Microsoft, bare metal, and cutting-edge container platforms. Finally,  the partners have access to the unmatched depth and experience of the Dell Technologies engineering and technology portfolio.

DellEMC Ready Stack makes it easier, faster, and less risky for partners to build & deploy their own converged infrastructure solution and is available to all our partners globally.

As we enter a multi-cloud era, how is Dell Technologies looking to ensure it is able to make deeper inroads with its cloud marketplace strategy?

While having a cloud-first mentality can be great, understanding the nuances of why and how these workloads operate is imperative and takes time. Because of that, we guide our customer on their journey by following key pillars: Architecting for flexibility, creating a consistent operational experience & continually improving capabilities. Our Dell Technologies Cloud Platform spans hardware, software and services that can help our customers in any part of their multi-cloud journey. Whether it be modernizing workloads through our CI or HCI solutions, building a private Infrastructure-as-a-Service, leveraging a platform or licensing our numerous Software-as-a-Service solutions we partner with our customers on this journey and prove to them that when the best infrastructure components work together as a family they can dramatically reduce your TCO to solve company-wide issues with multi-cloud.

Discuss your objectives with you recent participation at COMEX?

Comex is the major Technology exhibition event in Oman and being a leader in that field, we wanted to participate to show our commitment & support to the Omani market. Also, Comex offers us the opportunity to showcase our Dell Technologies solutions portfolio and how we can help our customers plan & execute their Digital Transformation journey. Comex offers us the possibility to network, in few days, with key decision makers from both existing & potential customers in the public & private sectors and actually we’ve been fully engaged with multiple top C-Level executives meetings at the Tech Execs VIP club.

Comex also is a platform that provides us with an opportunity to generate effective leads and business opportunities jointly with our distributors & partners.

 How significant is the Oman market for Dell Technologies? which have been key verticals of growth here?

Dell Technologies has been present and committed to the Oman market since over a decade and we consider it strategic and definitely significant. Fact is that today we cover the Omani market, mainly through our resources & capabilities from different functions that are based in Oman and operate from our office in Muscat as well as the regional resources that are present in Oman on a weekly basis. We’ve witnessed growth year over year almost in all segments and we had successful projects generally across the verticals and specifically Banking, Oil & Gaz & SME/B.