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Main Article unlocks savings and value for UAE mobile consumers


Thousands of UAE consumers have identified massive savings or more value opportunities on their monthly mobile costs with a simple Genie search on – the UAE's largest online marketplace for mobile services. helps customers not only discover, compare and make informed decisions about mobile plans and services, but it also connects customers online to a network of authorised sellers of Etisalat and du. features a value -added service for existing customers in the form of a Digital Assistant -Genie -that is helping users either save more or get more data and minutes allowances at no extra cost.

With remote work and distance learning in place, UAE mobile users demand for data grew exponentially since was launched as a beta two months ago. Every day, about 1000 searches are carried out on beta platform by mobile subscribers looking to unlock the best value mobile plan for their needs and budgets. About 60,000 search operations have been carried out till date, with about 500,000 search results displayed.

Consumers using Genie’s More Value search have identified plans with up to 10 times more data at no extra cost. Out of the UAE mobile subscribers using Genie , 70% found more data than their current plan, 62% found at least two times as much data as their current plan, 48% found three times as much data, 33% found five times as much data and 11% found a whopping ten times as much data at no extra cost.

What’s more, consumers were also able to identify plans with up to twice as many flexi minutes at no extra cost – 85% were able to find more flexi minutes than their current plan, while 63% found at least twice as many flexi minutes. Consumers using Genie More Savings search found plans with up to 50% savings for similar data and minutes allowances as current.

Subhra Das, Founder & CEO,, commented: “These results confirm our initial research insights that 80% of UAE customers are possibly overpaying for their mobile monthly bills. In line with global trends, a vast majority of mobile consumers in the UAE believe they are not on the right plan, and want simple digital self-help tools to optimise their monthly costs for mobile services on an ongoing basis. We are helping consumers optimize costs and increase savings at a critical time, while promoting transparency, choice and convenience.”

With just three pieces of information from the user’s previous months’ mobile usage, Genie is able to match their usage pattern with hundreds of mobile plans offered by UAE telecom operators. Genie then serves up several potential best plan choices for customers to optimize their monthly spending. They can get more allowances for their current spend, or save by finding the cheapest price for their current allowances.

The innovative telecom start-up has more enhancements in the pipeline, designed to deliver greater value to telecom subscribers in UAE and beyond. The UAE online marketplace will feature home services next month, followed by an expansion of the platform to Saudi Arabia.


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