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SAS partners with STC to ensure smooth customer journey


SAS, the leader in analytics to deliver innovative, next-generation services to its customers, announced that it has collaborated with (STC),one of the largest and leading telecommunication services provider in the GCC region, to accelerate the cycle of innovation to deliver outstanding customer experience through introduction of Analytical capabilities.

With 14,000+ employees and a strong foothold in the market, STC has continued to be at the frontlines of innovative technology and regional digital transformation. As growing customer needs shifts the competitive boundaries of the telecom sector, STC knows the value of exceeding customer expectations and enhanced customer experience. In light of this, the company turned to SAS market leading solutions to better understand customer preferences and trends.

Luca Decarli, General Manager – Customer Lifecycle Management, STC, said, “at STC, we believe that new technological capabilities are critical as the industry adapts to new forms of competition and unprecedented forces of digital change. Therefore, we are glad to have collaborated with SAS as they are leaders in analytics and the right partners to equip us with the necessary tools and expertise needed to advance in our journey of digital transformation.”

Zafir Junaid, Regional Manager, KSA at SAS, said, “armed with a thorough understanding of STC’s business environment and future roadmap, SAS is extremely pleased to have collaborated with a futuristic organization such as STC and support them in their innovation-led journey with advanced analytics. With our industry leading analytics platform and solutions, we aim to ensure STC thrives and capitalizes on opportunities to deliver richer services and products to their customers across the GCC region.” 

By deploying SAS analytics, STC was able to better understand their customer’s preferences. This enabled STC to create below the line customized campaigns to share the right personalized offer, at the right time, to the right target, leading the telecom company to add more of value to their customer interactions and reduce their customer churn significantly. In addition, analytics driven decision-making enabled the company to reposition their loyalty program, increase their brand equity and cross-sell and up-sell offers and services to meet the exceeding expectations and demands.

With SAS technology, the STC CLM team launched several thousand micro-campaigns through SAS Campaign Management (CMS) system supported by many analytical models that drive their segmentation and targeting. The added value from these activities has contributed significantly to the top line and bottom line of the Consumer business unit.

Using advanced machine learning techniques, STC was able to implement a solution in its call centers to identify behavior of repeat callers and complainants by studying their interactions with all touchpoints within a 24-hour window. By leveraging SAS analytics, Call center calls decreased by 30% by identifying overlapping behavior and drivers of repeat calls. Post this, STC was able to improve processes, empower agents and ensure that customers have their requests resolved on the first interaction.

This collaboration is a natural progression of a successful and longstanding relationship between STC and SAS. Through this partnership, STC aims to take a quantum leap forward in data-driven customer experience.   

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