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Toshiba distributes gift bags with high-end products to staff at Aster Hospitals as token of respect


For over close to 145 years, Toshiba's core mission has been to remain Committed To People and be Committed to The Future. Kioxia( previously Toshiba Memory) is diligently carrying the baton forward as well.

Close on the heels of the free health kit distribution in the UAE undertaken in the month of April, the brand took an initiative to recognise, respect and reward the champions on humanity's frontier- this time the Doctors, Nurses, The Lab Technicians, The Ward Boys, The Ambulance Drivers, the Admin team, Security and all the staff at the Aster Hospitals Group - all of them were given a goodie bag which included high-end utility Toshiba and Kioxia products- a total of over 1000 Aster team members were provided with this token of gratitude.

" Not that it was any less significant earlier but now we have truly entered an era of high emotional inter dependance. Since the advent of the Covid-19, the rallying cry at Toshiba has been to make the virus and it's impact on society and life a distant memory and initiatives such as these bear testimony. No amount of words can convey the real sense of immense gratitude and heartfelt thanks that we have for all these champions on the frontline at Aster and nothing can commensurate for the truly incredible human work they are doing. That being said, we believe that a small gesture such as this will offer further motivation to these already highly self motivated and selfless group of humans serving humanity diligently to cure and care, against all odds ", avered Santosh Varghese, Vice President Toshiba Gulf FZE.

"As medical fraternity and healthcare professionals, we take an Hippocratic Oath to serve and save humanity at all times without bias or prejudice. To us, it is not going out of the way or doing something special. Having said that, this pandemic was abnormal in every sense. As a team at Aster, we had to be at our highest level of competence, agility, resilience and courage to fight what was a totally invisible enemy. Recognition and this graceful gesture, such as that provided by team Toshiba and Kioxia will go a long way to keep our motivation really high to care and cure. We also wish Toshiba and Kioxia the very best as they enter a new phase in their business through such a noble initiative', remarked Dr Sherbaz Bichu, CEO, Aster Hospital.

"People, Purpose, Planet has been a strong focal point at Toshiba for several decades and hence walking the walk is also second nature for the brand. Do expect to see more social responsibility initiatives being rolled out in the weeks and months ahead", concluded Santosh Varghese, Vice President, Toshiba Gulf FZE.

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